Arrest in Germany of a Moroccan suspected of espionage

A Moroccan national was arrested Monday, November 14 in Germany, suspected of having spied on supporters of a protest movement that agitated the north of Morocco in 2016-2017, the federal prosecutor’s office said.

Police arrested the suspect, identified as Mohamed A., in the Cologne region (west) and searched his home, according to a statement from the Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office.*

“He shared information”

The suspect is “strongly suspectedto have worked for the Moroccan intelligence services, he says. The charges allegedly took place between April 2021 and March 2022, when the man agreed to spy on supporters of the Hirak protest movement living in Germany, in exchange for money.

He shared information about at least one person“, according to the prosecution. The suspect was brought before a judge on Monday, who remanded him in custody.

The Moroccan Hirak protest movement, in the Rif region, was triggered in October 2016 by the death of a fish seller crushed in a dumpster while trying to oppose the seizure of his goods.

Over the months, the movement had taken a more social and political turn, calling for more development and an end to the “marginalization” of the region. The protests had led to numerous arrests.


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