are students allowed to drink alcohol at the castle? The cash response from Julien and Stanislas

After a month of adventure, Julian and Stan’ permanently left the star Academy. A month ago, TF1 hit hard by bringing back its cult program. Accompanied by Jennifer, the first winner of the competition, the apprentice singers found the castle and the rigor of the singing lessons. This Saturday night, StanislasJulian, Tiana and Anisha were on the nominees’ bench and they had to give everything to stay. For internet users, Anisha has been “masterful”while Julien was doing “zero effort”. It is finally, the two men of the bench of eliminated who left the adventure. “Frankly, I gave”assured Julien facing the camera, a few minutes after his elimination. It took several days for the singer to speak more about his social networks.

Julien and Stan’ enjoy their new life

“It’s the end of the Star Academy adventure. I want to thank all of you who have supported me, you have made me realize who I am and who I could be. I can’t wait to offer you some heavy and that we love together. Thank you to all the production that allowed me to realize my dreams on stage and who knows maybe even outside and then thank you to the teachers for their patience and their authenticity”, wrote Julien on Instagram, taking control of his account for the first time after several weeks of silence.“In any case, everything is fine for me, I am very happy and grateful for what is happening to me”, he concluded. Stanislas for his part unveiled his new apartment under construction and he affirmed “not to be sad” to have been eliminated two weeks before the grand final: “I am very happy to have reached this level in the adventure, you know my state of mind, always positive.”

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“We were a very wise promotion”

Guests of Dailythe last two leaving star Academy were asked what was most complicated for them at the castle. “Fatigue played on everything, pressure, stage fright. I’m cured everything is fine, but I took a lot“, recognized first Julien, sick last week. “Fatigue and lack of loved ones“, Stan’ estimated. Before explaining:We spend our time during breaks revising because we know we have a bonus, evaluations“. Yann Barthès then wanted to know if the academicians were entitled to alcohol in Dammarie-les-Lys. And obviously, the class of 2022 was VERY wise. “No, we got a haircut the first night, but there you go. We were a very wise promotion“, added the best friend of Chris. “Maybe even a little too wise“ finally admitted Julien.

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