Anne Roumanoff talks about her cosmetic surgery operation

Invited to the C à vous set on Thursday November 17, 2022, Anne Roumanoff returned to her show at the Olympia, marking her 35-year career. The opportunity for the 57-year-old comedian to evoke, in half-words, his liposuction operation.

In 35 years of career, Anne Roumanoff has made a name for herself among the most popular French comedians. To mark this symbolic stage, the 57-year-old comedian will soon be performing at the Olympia, accompanied by artist friends, on the occasion of an evening filled with parodies, sketches and characters, including that of his famous “remade woman”. Asked about it on the set of It’s up to youThursday, November 17, 2022, the person concerned answered a little in spite of herself to a question about her own report to plastic surgery. “We can do little things…”, she first slipped, before being cut off by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. “You say: it’s better to stop eating than to be liposuctioned?” Asked the host of France 5. After sweeping the question with an embarrassed air, Anne Roumanoff ended up conceding in a few words: ” It actually hurts a lot!”

Anne Roumanoff on her liposuction: “I prefer a diet and abs!”

This is not the first time that Anne Roumanoff has mentioned plastic surgery. The scalpel is indeed not unknown to him: during the confinement of March 2020, the comedian offered himself a liposuction of the belly. “I said to myself: ‘Now is the time or never’. I have all the time to work, whereas there, I said to myself: ‘I will do it'”, she had revealed at the microphone of RTL, September 11, 2021. A way to free herself from some complexes, which did not quite go as she imagined. “I hadn’t realized at all that it was an operation, hyper… Frankly, it’s been very very (…)

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