Anisha (Star Academy) ignored by her classmates after her evaluation, angry netizens

This Tuesday, November 15 took place the evaluations of the star Academy. After a successful performance, the students boycotted Anisha. Internet users are convinced that it is jealousy.

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Tuesday is the most dreaded day for academics. It is indeed the day of the evaluations. This week, Michael Goldman, the director of this new season, announced to the students that they had carte blanche to perform the song of their choicewhich was nevertheless to symbolize their adventure at the star Academy. What to be able to judging students’ imaginations.

“They’re all sour”

For this performance with a free theme, Anisha decided to perform a song close to her heart, The Show Must Go On of Queen. A choice that surprised his classmates but also his teachers. After a moving interpretation and an end of evaluation on the words “thank you life“, the candidate had then returned to the living room where her fellow adventurers were waiting for her. And there, it was total silence. None of the academicians congratulated the young woman. For Internet users, it’s relentlessness. “I’ve never really found Anisha put aside, but there it’s obvious, limit no congratulations, she did really well, and they are jealous it’s very sad, and Léa who tries to make fun of Anisha openly, they are very bad with her“,”Frankly, I’ve been through this stuff. The innuendo, the irony, constantly feeling left out, limiting apologizing for talking… It’s a hole in my heart… It hurts me a lot Anisha…“, “Anisha’s situation perfectly shows the society in which we live. If you’re too nice, naive and sensitive and you have talent, well, you become a victim of jealous people and the biggest plagues around you.“, could we read on Twitter.

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Lea, stalker? Internet users have decided!

Since the start of the season, Anisha’s fans have mostly had eyes fixed on Lea. According to them, it’s her fault if she can’t fit in. Very upset against the young woman, Internet users had not failed to criticize her attitude, to the point of calling her a “stalker”. “What kind of disrespect is that?“, could we read on Twitter. “I was starting to like her but in fact, she’s still so badass“, “I will not support a stalker“, “Léa the bad, mean and jealous of Anisha. I’m more and more shocked by his behavior“, had written some viewers of the star academyvery uplifted.

Article written in collaboration with 6médias.

"It's relentlessness" "They are all sour" : Anisha (Star Academy) ignored by her classmates after her evaluation, internet users angry

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