An elephant disturbs a journalist in the middle of a report, the video goes viral

Almost imperturbable… In reportage in an orphanage for elephantsAlvin Kaunda, a journalist Kenyan, was somewhat disturbed by one of the pachyderms, reports the International mail. A baby elephant approached the reporter and started tickling him with his trunk.

While the animal puts its trunk on the journalist’s ear, the latter remains unmoved, continuing to recite his text in front of the camera. No reaction either when the baby elephant places its trunk on the head of this one.

viral video

But when it goes down on his face, Alvin Kaunda can’t help but burst out laughing. The sequence quickly made the rounds of the Web and has accumulated more than 12 million views to date.

Even if the images are hilarious, the reality is, on the contrary, very sad for these elephants. Many of them, like other animals, have died in recent weeks in Kenyavictims of a drought unprecedented. “Faced with an increasing number of droughts, it is our responsibility to preserve our own natural environment, to save our endangered species and to guarantee them a habitat”, warns the journalist in the report… before being interrupted.

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