Alexandre Pellissard (Large families) reveals a range of naughty gifts offered to his wife

Since the announcement of their professional retraining in the middle of X, nothing stops the Pellissard couple, revealed in the show Large families: life in XXL.

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For over a month now, the former docu-reality star tribe Large families: life in XXL, on TF1, is at the heart of all interactions on the Web. Indeed, on December 8, Amandine, the mother of eight children, announced, on her Instagram account, his professional retraining : “Discover my MYM account. The subscription is at 9.99 euros and without obligation. Look forward to seeing you there.“And if this new activity in the X industry surprised more than one Internet user, it particularly aroused the curiosity of a good number of fans, which did not escape Alexandre and his wife. , the two lovebirds do not miss any opportunity to discuss the subject and reveal behind the scenes. And this Sunday, January 15, it is on Leo’s adoptive father the spotlights are on!

“It spice up our couple”

The two are finally compatible, we must stop! Before being a mother I am a woman and my children I did not make them by looking my husband in the eyes“, launched Amandine, this Thursday, January 12, in the Instagram story of her friend Jeremstar, who came investigate this professional retraining which animates the web so much. And the statement of the young woman is to be taken at face value. Indeed, this Sunday, January 15, fans of the Pellissard tribe were treated to a detailed presentation, produced by Alexandre, of the accessories that stimulate the intimate life of the couple! There is no harm in doing good and frankly, it puts a little spice in the couplelaunched the mother of the family, while her husband carefully unpacked the peppers in question!

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“It’s going to be unmanageable…”

To carry out their new professional career – and liven up their evenings between adults – the Pellissard parents have invested in many naughty accessories and gadgets. And their latest investments did not fail to put Alexandre in turmoil. Fine and sensual lingerie for Amandine, sweets with explicit shapes and underwear adorned with sweets put the young dad in all his states and that, Amandine did not refrain from underlining it:He’s going to be on the crutch until tomorrow morning. Here, it will be unmanageable this Chabite. Holy rascal!

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"It puts spice in our couple" : Alexandre Pellissard (Large families) reveals a range of naughty gifts offered to his wife

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