After the separation, the couple face a new blow

By participating in Love is in the meadow, Guillaume du Limousin hoped to meet the rare pearl. And good news for the candidate, that’s what happened. He spins indeed always the perfect love with his suitor Noémie. But on November 21, 2022, he announced some bad news.

We can say that between Guillaume and Noémie, it was obvious. As soon as they met, a connection was established. So, even if Margot was invited to his farm, he quickly only had eyes for his rival. On the advice of Karine Le Marchand, the shy man quickly opened his heart to the young woman, to find out if her feelings were mutual. Fortunately, he did not fall from above.

Very quickly, the two participants became closer. And despite some turbulence that occurred when Guillaume came to his beauty, in the North of France, they still form a united couple. “I accept the fact that it takes him more time to express things and to be able to understand his feelings, but afterwards he has to verbalize, I could not always be in giving without receiving. If he takes all my energy and I find myself always waiting for something, it’s not healthy.“, had however warned the contender. Words heard by the charming brown.

Guillaume and Noémie “sick as animals”

Since then, Guillaume has made efforts. Without that, Noémie wouldn’t have…

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