Adrien Rabiot: “I feel able to lead by example”

There are several packages (Pogba, Kanté) in your playing sector. Is there any particular pressure for you to have starter status?
Not a particular pressure. It’s still my first World Cup, just at this level, it’s special. I have no pressure to be the most experienced player, and maybe to be a player from whom more is expected.

What lessons do you draw from the last Euro?
What I keep is that we have to stay united. Try that there is not the slightest thing around that interferes with the group. If we left so quickly, it’s because there were things that didn’t work. We have the potential today to do much better than during the Euro.

Did your club teammate Paul Pogba give you any advice for approaching this first World Cup?
We talked a lot about the competition, yes. He didn’t give me advice, he gave me all this encouragement, he asked me, as I do at Juve, to pull this team, this midfielder.

“In the France youth team, I have often been more experienced than my partners. Today, we find a little of that. It’s a position that I like. »

You have evolved in several positions. Didn’t that hurt your performance in the Blues?
I had to play several positions in EDF. I have often been criticized in the past for not wanting it, so this question is funny (laughs). I feel good, the main thing is to be here. Where I’m the best, where I can show all my abilities. The coach will decide. He is aware of what I can bring to the team.

Do you like this guiding role?
In the France youth team, I have often been more experienced than my partners. Today, we find a little of that. It’s a position that I like. I feel able to help others, to lead by example. I like this position.

Are you excited to tackle this question?
It excites me to be there. Holder most likely. It’s a big responsibility, I’m ready to take it on. I’m happy to be here, I’m grateful. I prefer to be in this disposition, than not to be in this group.

You have a fuzzy public image: is it something that weighs on you or is it anecdotal?
That will certainly change if the competition goes well. Personally, I feel good about it. If my image is a little fuzzy, it’s because I want it, I don’t spread out so much. Everything will depend on the competition, if it goes well everyone has a good image, is strong. I’m focused on my football, on the idea of ​​going as far as possible in the competition.

Are you ready to evolve in a position at Matuidi throughout the competition?
Compared to Blaise, we have different qualities. If I had to evolve in this position, of course I would. Thinking about it, would it be the best solution for the team? We will have to discuss it with the coach. But of course I would. »


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