A user creates ChatCGT, the Marxist version of ChatGPT, which hates Emmanuel Macron

Vincent Flibustier, creator of the parody site Nordpress, had fun designing a militant version of the famous chatbot.

One question, one answer. But 100% Marxist! This is the project launched by Vincent Flibustier, creator of the parody site Nordpress, who put online last week ChatCGTa far-left activist version of the ChatGPT chatbot.

As its name suggests, ChatCGT promises clear-cut answers on pension reform, politics and obviously on Emmanuel Macron, whom he does not carry in his heart.

Like the original, ChatCGT also seems to be a victim of its own success and sometimes struggles to respond to all requests.

Inevitably, this Marxist derivative is far from equaling its model in terms of knowledge; but it has the merit of finding some answers adapted to the great anxieties of the extreme left. Including on subjects that are sometimes far removed from big capitalism.

Everyone will be able to judge the relevance of their answers.

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