A Sword of Damocles hovers above Salto, his future soon sealed

A Sword of Damocles hovers above Salto, his future soon sealed

It’s been two years since the SVOD platform created jointly by TF1, M6 and France Télévisions was born. However, his future is already shaky.

As reported The world, TF1, M6 and France Télévisions will meet in the coming days to decide the fate of the SVOD Salto platform. They will have the heavy burden of answering a question, should we stop the costs with Salto or continue the adventure? The future of the paid platform should be sealed by the end of this month of November.

It would seem that French-style Netflix is ​​far from profitable and that the partnership between the three major French television groups is faltering. Moreover, last March, France Télévisions had already mentioned the fact of withdrawing from the adventure in view of the potential merger between TF1 and M6. However, the latter did not take place since the competition authority opposed it. At the beginning of November it was the turn of TF1 to discuss his possible withdrawal from the Salto adventure as Rodolphe Belmer, the new boss of the TF1 Group, told La Lettre A.

Several possible scenarios

As indicated by a player in the case, three possibilities are possible. The first is that TF1, M6 and France Télévisions do not reinject money, which would lead to the liquidation of the platform. The second is that the three actors agree in order to strengthen Salto. Finally Salto could be saved by the purchase of the shares by a partner or an external actor such as a producer, for example, wanting to finance the platform. However, it will be necessary to have a broad back, as the actor in the file specifies.

Despite the present uncertainty, the Salto CM on Twitter remains optimistic and splits a tweet in this direction by responding to a user who is precisely asking the question about the future of the platform.

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