a strike leaves Parisian customers without heating or hot water

The CGT, which rejects an agreement on wages, called for social mobilization, leaving the activity of the gas distributor “strongly disturbed”.

The activity of the gas distributor GRDF, affected by a social movement, is “strongly disturbed“for several days, mainly in Paris and Ile-de-France, which deprives certain homes of heating and hot water, we learned on Wednesday from concordant sources.

Agents of the group are still on strike at the call of the first trade union of the company, the CGT, which rejects an agreement on wages signed on November 18 by the three other representative trade union organizations (CFDT, CFE-Energie, FO) . “As we have many officers on strike, there are a certain number of interventions with users that cannot be carried out“, told AFP Eric Gautier, CGT union coordinator at GRDF.

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Given the population density, the situation is particularly problematic in the Paris region, “where there are big filters that are carried out by the agents on strike“and where the intervention vehicles”come out in droplets“, according to Eric Gautier. “Anything that can be rescheduled is rescheduled and regular requests are taking longer than usual, that’s for sure.“, We added from the same source, without being able to give figures, whether on the extent of these consequences or the waiting times.

I have had no heating or hot water for ten days“, testified to AFP Mathilde Adeyemi, 27, who works in the fashion sector, and who recently moved into a roommate in the north of Paris. His appointment with a GRDF technician, for connection to the gas network, was scheduled for 15 November. “On the 14th, I received a text message from GRDF explaining to me that my appointment was canceled because there is a social movement“, reported Mathilde Adeyemi, annoyed, specifying that she had not heard back since, and had been confronted, on the telephone, with agents saturated with calls.

Some of these employees of GRDF’s telephone platforms “exercised their right of withdrawal“because they had some”tired of being yelled at“Said the CGT to AFP. The CGT’s strike notice runs until December 2, according to Mr. Grégoire, whose union wishes to renegotiate with management. “If by then there is nothing new under the sun, it will probably be extended“, he assured.

The salary agreement notably provides for a 2.3% increase for all, retroactive to July 1, in addition to an increase in the national basic salary obtained at branch level.


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