A new security service for the Blues in Qatar which poses a problem / Mondial 2022 / SOFOOT.com


While the French team has just landed in Qatar and has already taken up residence in its luxurious hotel in Al Messila, a new affair has once again weakened the credibility of the board tricolor. In effect, according to a survey by Mariannethe FFF has decided in recent days to change its security service on Qatari soil following the revelations made by the show Further investigation, which pointed in particular to the working conditions of security officers within the previous provider (United Security Services). But this change is not virtuous, on the contrary.

The Le Graët clique simply chose one of the worst security companies in the country in terms of working conditions for its employees, called GSSCI. The latter, who are overwhelmingly from Uganda and Kenya, work under conditions reprimanded by the business and human rights resource centre. In 2021, this center carried out a damning report concerning the new security service of the Blues in Qatar. In particular, it is explained that the company GSSCI was the subject of “three allegations of human rights abuses in 2020.” That same year, therefore, in August, the security provider was strongly criticized for the substandard accommodation offered to its employees who, as mentioned earlier, come mostly from East Africa.

A former GSSCII employee, interviewed by Mariannelooked back on his experience within the company, particularly during Covid-19, a period during which employees were confined to gloomy apartments: “We were 54 people crammed into a house designed for a small family. There was no furniture to store our things, nothing. It wasn’t legal at all, but we had no choice! I wrote anonymous articles about this scandal, citing the name of the company. It turned out so badly in Qatar that GSSCI was forced to relocate us to more decent accommodation. » And inevitably, the salaries are meager, not to say execrable for these security guards: on average 370 euros per month, while the bosses make a margin of 467 euros per employee.

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