a new increase planned for January!

The energy check is a device set up by the French government to help low-income households pay their energy bill. Latest news: a new scale applies for the year 2023 to increase the amount distributed to the French.

2023 energy check: a changing scale

The news was announced by Economy Magazine: the scale from energy check set up by the State in 2015 will evolve, which means that the people benefiting from this check will see its amount increase. This increase will be set up from the start of 2023. Moreover, the number of beneficiaries could increase, which would contribute to helping the households most affected by the rising energy prices. Note that this assistance must separate from exceptional energy check who can reach the 200 euros.

Energy check: what exactly is it for?

The energy check is not only useful for pay our energy bills. It also allows you to buy combustible for our accommodation (fuel oil, wood, propane, etc.) but also finance certain works Where expenses energy carried out for our dwelling.

How to use your energy check to save money?

Did you know ? You can accumulate energy aid to save money on your bill. Indeed, in addition tariff shieldthe government introduced lots of help allowing to reduce gas and electricity bills. Thus, with the classic energy check (277 euros maximum), you can combine the exceptional energy check (200 euros maximum) and fuel check (200 euros maximum). Which gives a amount of 677 euros maximum! A significant amount.

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