a former columnist smashes Louis Boyard!

Since November 10, the clash between Cyril Hanouna and Louis Boyard is decrypted by several media. Especially in TPMP, program in which the altercation took place. In addition to the decryptions, everyone gives their opinion and chooses their side between the host of the daily C8 and the deputy LFI, ex-columnist of the show. As for Yann Moix, the choice would have been made very quickly, as he explained when he came to the Figaro Buzz TV.

Indeed, our colleagues asked him his opinion on this clash between his two ex-colleagues. As a reminder, the writer had been a columnist in Drop your post, and was therefore able to rub shoulders with Louis Boyard, who was also a columnist at the time. The one who also officiated at Laurent Ruquier in We are not in bed did not go there by four paths: “Louis Boyard is not a very brilliant, very deep and very cultured person”he blurted out straight away.

Yann Moix, without waffling

However, he assures that the LFI deputy is not “not at all unfriendly”but that does not preclude the fact that it is not “not very smart” according to his words. Subsequently, Yann Moix gave arguments to advance his remarks. “The dishonesty in this story is to go on a show with an old status of columnist mixed with a new status of deputy, and to be surprised in real time that we are spoken to like that on a TV set “he lamented in particular.

In the rest of his intervention, the writer is much tougher and does not hesitate to use very strong words: “Coming for the first time as a deputy of the Republic in front of Cyril, who made Louis Boyard eat when he was doing the trash, I don’t find that very good”. According to Yann Moix, the LFI deputy would not have “not the intellectual build, and he will never have it… He thinks he has eloquence. Alas, poor Louis Boyard is only demagogic”. Worse still, according to the former columnist of Drop your postthe one who clashed with Cyril Hanouna not “will never do anything to turn things around“. This is what is said, and which should not please everyone. In particular the principal concerned.

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