a child dies of starvation after the death of his father

The lifeless bodies of this 59-year-old man and his son were discovered by the police in the apartment where the father lived.

Brutally left to himself, the child did not survive the death of his father. About ten months ago, a real tragedy took place in the city of Geneva, located in the State of New York (United States). A 59-year-old man and his 2-year-old son who lived together in an apartment lost their lives within days of each other in horrific circumstances.

“No signs of struggle in housing”

As explained 20min.ch, the father and his child “were last seen on January 22, 2022”. After a few weeks, relatives of the 59-year-old dad reported him missing. The police therefore went to the 50-year-old’s home on February 15 and ended up breaking down the door, which was closed “double-locked”. Inside the apartment, law enforcement discovered the dead bodies of the tenant and his child.

“There was no sign of a struggle in the accommodation, police lieutenant David Cirencione explained at the time, in remarks reported by 20min.ch. We have no reason to believe that anyone else was in the apartment when those two lost their lives. We honestly have no idea what happened. It’s not something we see every day. It’s not nice . It was a heartbreaking scene.”

A child left to fend for himself after the sudden death of his father

An investigation has therefore been opened to remove the mystery surrounding these two deaths. Several months after the events, the autopsy reports and the various clues found in the apartment made it possible to establish that the fifty-year-old had succumbed to a heart attack, while the death of the little boy had been caused by prolonged starvation.

As explained in a police report quoted by NBC News, the investigators have thus managed to trace the disastrous scenario of this double drama. The father, who had sole custody of his child, would first have suffered a fatal stroke, leaving his son alone and locked in the apartment. The little boy, who was undergoing medical treatment due to a malformation, would then not have been able to feed himself in the absence of his father and would eventually have died of starvation.

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