A chemistry lesson turns tragic in a school, 11 students burned

Twelve people were burned to varying degrees during an ongoing experiment. chemistry conducted in a primary school Australian located in the north of sydney (Australia), this Monday. The victims are eleven children of around ten years old as well as their teacher. Bursts of wind would be the cause of the bad turn of the experiment, reports The Guardian.

The burns were observed on different parts of the body of the victims, on the chest, the lower abdomen, the legs, but also on the face. Two students in particular are in serious condition. Aware of the arrival of help, they were taken, by helicopter for one and by ambulance for the second, to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney. While two other hospitals received the other nine students. As for the teacher, he suffered only minor injuries that did not require hospitalization.

“A bigger reaction than expected”

The scientific experiment in question, described as “routine”, took place outside. According to Philip Templeman, a manager with Ambulance NSW, the gusts of wind could have caused “a bigger reaction than expected”, he explained to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Faced with this event, the local authorities did not fail to react by the voice of the deputy Zali Steggall, who expressed herself thus on Twitter: “I am shocked to learn that an incident occurred today at Manly West Public School today. My thoughts are with the students and staff who have been affected, and I wish them a speedy recovery. »

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