a chemistry lesson turns tragic, eleven students burned

The pupils and their teacher have been taken to hospital after an outdoor science experiment at a primary school north of Sydney.

A chemistry class that turns to drama. Twelve people, eleven children and their teachers, were burned to varying degrees during this experience at the Australian primary school in Manly West, north of Sydney, on Monday 21 November. The science experiment was taking place outdoors, when gusts of wind picked up, reports The Guardian .

Two young students were seriously burned in the face and chest. One was airlifted to Westmead Children’s Hospital, while the other by ambulance. The other nine children, who suffered lighter burns, were sent to Royal North Shore and Northern Beaches hospitals. The professor was admitted to hospital.in stable condition“says the British media.

Responsible “strong winds”

For Phil Templeman, Acting Chief of Ambulance Services for New South Wales, “today’s strong winds impacted the experience and blew some materials“. An investigation has been opened by the education department and the police. Parents have been contacted and support has been provided to students and staff affected by the accident.

Various political figures reacted after the incident. This is the case of Education Minister Sarah Mitchell who thanked the school staff who “acted so quickly to render first aid and call emergency services“. “My thoughts are with the students and staff affected by today’s incident at Manly West Public School“, she said.

Local MP Zali Steggall reacted on Twitter: “Shocked to hear reports of an incident at Manly West Public School today. My thoughts are with the students and staff who have been affected, and I wish them a speedy recovery.»

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