2 photos and a shock announcement: Scottie Pippen at the bottom of the hole

Divorced from Larsa for almost a year, Scottie Pippen discovers a murderous rumor every week about his ex-wife and her affairs. The latest, linking it… to the son of Michael Jordan, has just been the subject of a big update!

It has now been several years since their couple ceased to exist, and everyone can therefore allow themselves to wander as they wish on the sentimental level. However, since his breakup with Larsa, Scottie Pippen benefits much less from his celibacy than the latter. At the very least, he tries not to display his love affairs too much in public, unlike his former wife.

After being caught hand in hand with Malik Beasley, at the time married, Larsa finds himself for a few weeks linked to a certain… Marcus Jordan. She has indeed been captured several times alongside Michael’s youngest son, sometimes very close. However, until now, their link was the subject of contrary discourse, until new information came to remove all doubts.

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan rock the beach

Necessarily questioned about the incendiary hallway noises about a potential idyll with Marcus Jordan, Larsa was striving so far to deny the facts with a slightly flawed version. His last public appearance, on the beach in Miami, did not help him buy credibility. The mother of the family was there again with the heir to His Airness, and showed more than just a friendly complicity!

(credit: Mega)
(credit: Mega)

And if some still dared to question the nature of their relationship, TMZ Sports closed the discussion:

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have visibly ditched their friendship for true romance. (…) Both were very cuddly under the shade of an umbrella, while witnesses said they kissed.

No doubt a witness to this budding love story, Scottie must therefore not live easy hours seeing his ex-wife cuddled by the son of his former leader. Therefore, it is up to him to continue his counterattack !

Larsa may invent all the possible denials, her actions do not deceive, and clearly suggest that she feels more than friendship for Marcus Jordan. A union in the making that Scottie Pippen may have a lot of trouble digesting!

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